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So, you may be asking yourself; "Who the hell are these morons? And what the hell is their story?" Well, let's find out, shall we?


First up is John Claudio von Statzell, ( jackass on the left ) on just Claudio of Audio. Besides being one helluva audio engineer Claudio is a veteran motion picture boom operator and sound tech. When not performing in LIVER he writes movie scripts as well. 


And when not doing all of the above he loves watching videos of drunk Russians on YouTube. 


...and really? Who doesn't? 

Next up is Max Murdok, ( yes, the jackass on the right ) a quintessential NERD. Max is a film maker and videographer as well as a visual effects designer. Needless to say, he's also an Art Director, web developer, UX designer and internet marketing guru. See? Nerd.


Max and Claudio met in high school and soon were collaborating on all kinds of horse shit, including but not limited to LIVER.


If you like what you see and hear on this site, drop these bastards an email. They aren't stingy - and are always happy to share their talents with other musicians and bands.

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