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The Electric Crush WMCK

We wanna thank or friend Anthony for passing us along to the good folks at WMCK in McKeeSport PA. If you were in ear shot of the station or listening online you got to hear some LIVER this evening! They had the balls to play "Back Door Betty!" Kudos to them! Sure they had to bleep a few choice words here and there but we wanted to give them a shout out and a huge thank you!

They were the first to play us on the radio in the continental United States! We promised them that if we do a streaming set while under lock down, we'd give them the exclusive!

We take care of our own! They're stuck with us now!

It's not the first time we've invade the airways. In the early 90's LIVER was the "out-tro" music for "Monsters of the Mid-day, Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. Everyday at the end of the show they played LIVER.

And lets not forget, we were the 3rd most requested band in Oslo Norway. I don't think they understood the lyrics.

But again, thank you everyone at The Electric Crush! If it'll help we'll send you some pre-censored LIVER! We don't want the FCC coming after you!

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