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Out from the Underground

33 years in the making, 1000 plus songs. 64 so called albums and finally, LIVER is releasing crap to every streaming service on the planet! On April 1st, of the year of our lord 2020 you'll also be able to buy our album "Administering the ol' Spunkeye for $8 American Dollars! Granted we should pay YOU $8 to buy this thing, but we ain't gonna!

This release is the first of many. We're going back through our ridiculously extensive catalog and re-recording LIVER songs from the past 33 years. The aptly named "POLISHING A TURD" will be available in 2021. We're also writing new stuff for "THUNDER CUNT" and we have plans to release an album of cover songs, music that inspired us called "UNDER THE INFLUENCE."

Yes, this can be considered a threat.

We hope you lower your standards, have $8 bucks to waste and are feeling. politically incorrect on April 1st, 2020 and pick up Administering the ol' Spunkeye! It is something to behold and only the beginning!

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